This is where you can read the news about ChristRing Ministries. The news is organized to reflect the organization of this site:

Section ChristRing Ministries

August 15, 1999: Began the site, by consolidating smaller, existing sites.

Section The Bible Room


Section The Christian Web Ring

August 17, 1999: expanded the News page.

August 15, 1999: added new link (Pro-Life of America) to the Links page; added rollovers to menus.

August 11, 1999: added new link (Pastor Dick's Two Cents Worth) to the Links page; updated commentary to the Apostles' Creed; updated fonts for those with Macintosh PCs.

August 5, 1999: we have a BRAND NEW WEB SITE! And is it ever sharp. As we are quickly becoming a landmark for Jesus on the Web, I asked Chuck to help us upgrade our graphics so that we would be a better standard to His Name. Well Chuck went me one better and created a whole new site. We now have a site second to none on the Web. PTL! Most fitting for a Web ministry that stands for the Name of Jesus.

August 5, 1999: did you you notice our new short URL? . This one is great to share with friends that are interested in our ring. Please forgive any marginal adds that may appear on the forwarding page though. We hope that as a ministry "in the world but not of the world" you will be understanding if they are occasionally not up to our moral standards, and remember to pray for our forwarding host

August 5, 1999: the Prayer Room Ministry site also has gotten a face lift and short URL. Take a look at and let us know what you think.

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Section The Prayer Room


Section The Web Room


CHRISTRING MINISTRIES is not responsible for the content of advertising banners displayed on our Guestbook and Prayer Forum by BraveNet Web Services. As a ministry that is in the world, but not of the world, we ask that you too be understanding if that content is not consistent with our moral standards. If you do see something that interests you and is consistent with your convictions we ask that you consider patronizing that advertiser. Thank you to BraveNet for their valuable free services.


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