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Regarding The Apostles' Creed as a Statement of Faith
A "Short Series" Teaching By Pastor Dick Helms, August 11, 1999

Historically and doctrinely, The Apostles' Creed stands as the single finest summary of Scripture presenting what a Christian must believe regarding, The Person of God / Jesus / Spirit, The Atonement and The Resurrections. If you do not believe everything put forth there you are probably not a Christian. Sadly, ignorance of the true meaning / definition of the word catholic (universal Christian not Catholic denomination) is common among many Evangelical / Protestant churches. Therefore, The Creed is not as widely accepted as it should be.

While the tenets of the Apostles Creed do address the critical core issues of The Person of God / Jesus / Spirit, The Atonement and The Resurrections (Christ's and ours), all of which are common / essential to / of, all true Christian believers / denominations, The Creed is not sufficient of itself as a Statement of Faith.

The Creed does not address two very important / essential issues. "How are we saved" (by Grace through Faith in Christ alone)and "upon what authority do we base our faith?" (the inerrancy of Scripture). These are two very important additional issues upon which our very eternal destiny hangs and as such must be considered in addition to those contained in The Creed in determining the Christian / Non-Christian identity of a person or Church. Therefore, they are rightly included in a comprehensive Christian Statement of Faith.

The purpose of a true Christian Statement of Faith is not to be "Inclusive". True Christianity itself is not inclusive. There is Biblically only ONE way. The purpose of a Christian Statement of Faith should be to test a person's beliefs against the absolute truth of the Bible on the essentials of the faith.

This "Short Series" Teaching may be reproduced without charge and in its entirety for non-commercial and non-political purposes without prior permission from ChristRing Ministries. Copyright 1999 ChristRing Ministries, All Rights Reserved.

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