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Regarding Eternal Security As Taught In Scripture
A "Short Series" Teaching By Pastor Jim West with introduction by Pastor Dick Helms

From time to time folks ask me what we here at ChristRing Ministries teach regarding the doctrine of the Eternal Security of believers in Jesus Christ. When they do, I simply point them to the following short teaching originally written by, Pastor Jim West, ChristRing Ministries co-founder and first Sr. Pastor. Frankly, in my years of study I have never found a better teaching, long or short, on the doctrine. So now we present it as originally written by Pastor Jim and pray that our Lord will use it to impart His peace and understanding that we are indeed secure with Him.

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Pastor Jim regarding Eternal Security

A person can only be "born again" ONE time. The spiritual realm closely parallels the physical and even Nicodemus knew that one can not repeat the birth process. The bible teaches that a child of God CAN chose to abandon his salvation and spend eternity separated from God.

The statement in Hebrews 6:4-6  and other scriptures would be totally irrelevant if one could not fall from a place where he had been. God never usurps your right to "free will." He has provided that nothing in this world is strong enough to separate you from Him.

No sin, no creature, no circumstance has the power to do it, but you can, at any time, exercise your right to choose. God's judgment on His born again children is in the realm of "reward" and does not touch on "salvation." We can no more "keep" ourselves saved by our own righteousness than we could "get" ourselves saved. Else in either case we would not need Jesus.

Just as your decision to follow Jesus brought salvation, Your final decision to abandon Him will end your relationship with Him. You will not stop being His child, you can not become "unborn" but you CAN spend eternity separated from Him.

This "Short Series" Teaching may be reproduced without charge and in its entirety for non-commercial and non-political purposes without prior permission from ChristRing Ministries. Copyright 1999, 2004 ChristRing Ministries, All Rights Reserved.

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