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Welcome! In this area  of our site we will be posting our Short Series Christian Apologetics and/or Teachings.  While there are many more-detailed works, even whole books on these subjects, it is our intention to present here short concise studies providing a quick Biblically sound overview and understanding of the doctrine. It is our hope that you will be as blessed, and challenged to deeper study by these writings. Keep checking back as we will be adding more content. Now enjoy and let us know what you think.

God bless Ya                  
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Pastor Dick's "Short Series" Teachings/Apologetics:

  • Doctrinal "Super Shorts" - Just a few very short thoughts about some important Christian doctrines. More are to be added regularly, so keep checking back.

  • Christian Symbolism - Here are some well known Christians symbols and a short article on their significance in Christianity. I will be adding more so keep checking back.

  • Why Bible Believing Christians Must Stand For Marriage! "GOD's Way"! - Without a Constitutional Amendment, marriage as we know it, and as set forth in Holy Scripture, will very quickly become obsolete

  • How Are We Then Saved? - The foremost question of all time: "how are we saved?" To this question there are many answers but there is only one truth.

  • Regarding Eternal Security - When folks ask me what we here at ChristRing Ministries teach regarding the doctrine of the Eternal Security of believers in Jesus Christ, I simply point them to the following short teaching originally written by, Pastor Jim West.

  • Jesus or Muhammad? - (Christianity or Islam?) A short comparison of Jesus and his life and teachings to Muhammad and his life and teachings.

  • The Bible "Version" Debate - (Which one is best?) It may surprise some of you to hear that after years of study and seeking God on the issue, I personally now use a New King James Version Open Bible for my personal studies and in my preaching. Why? Well first of all I am convinced that the Texus Receptus is the most valid source text.

  • The Trinity - A short Bible study/proof of the Trinity. A short answer to the question "where is the Trinity found in the Bible?".

  • Oneness vs The Trinity - The Doctrine of the Trinity is not only foundational to true Christianity, but has also been well established by sound Biblical exegesis over the centuries.

  • The Apostle's Creed as a Statement of Faith - Historically and doctrinally, The Apostles' Creed stands as the single finest summary of Scripture presenting what a Christian must believe regarding, The Person of God / Jesus / Spirit, The Atonement and The Resurrections.

  • Freemasonry vs Christianity - As one carefully compares sound Biblical doctrine and the God of the Bible with the teachings/literature of Freemasonry and the god of Freemasonry it becomes obvious that the two religions are anathema to one another.

  • Divorce and Remarriage - When we, the Church, a minister or lay person today are asked the same question that the Pharisees ask Christ, " it lawful for a man [or woman] to put away his [her] wife [husband] for every cause?" (Matthew 19:3), regarding the "Legal" grounds for divorce, should the answer not be the same as Christ's? No! No! No


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