KHANDIE'S KORNER - April 24, 2005

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“Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.”  (Matt 5:6) 

The heart of man is not hidden from the Lord.  Though the speech and deeds of many may be deceptive to others, it is not to The Lord for he sees beyond the speech, beyond the deeds and into the heart and the heart shall reveal WHAT IS YOUR HUNGER REALLY FOR.   

There is much said in the church today regarding “hunger” for Christ.  There my be sermons preached on the subject (although in all honesty I’ve not heard a single one), but there are certainly songs written and sung in weekly worship services at your local assembly, and conversation spoken individually amongst believers.  But, what is your hunger really for?  Though we sing the songs, and speak the words, what does the heart say, and how is our hunger express through our daily living and prayer life?   The Lord says in the book of Matt 12:34: “For out of the abundance of the HEART the mouth speaketh” thus, what are the things we are praying and seeking the Lord for.  Are we crying out for His presence and do we truly hunger and thirst after righteousness, or do we come before him in prayer with a long list of foolish desires we expect him to grant.  For the most part, in the church today ESPECIALLY in the various assemblies across the United States, the theme appears to be cry out to the Lord for blessings, almost forsaking the blessing of his presence alone.  What could be more glorious of a blessing than HIS PRESENCE.  You desire his presence only that he may come bearing gifts, but if he were to come empty handed, would you still desire HIS PRESENCE?  Search your heart as to why you cry out to him, WHAT IS YOUR HUNGER REALLY FOR? 

Consider our brethren in other countries who have absolutely nothing of what the “world” and even some fellow believers would consider of “value”.  They live in the most poor of conditions, some without even clean water to bath and to drink, without the basic necessities that we here in America take for granted.   The living conditions of some would be horrific to most believers here in the United States, and such would be in prayer demanding of the Lord to change their circumstances, to rain down his blessings upon them.  Why? Because the Church here in America equate wealth, riches, nice things, ALL that is material and outwardly visible as being BLESSED, while the poor and suffering are considered “cursed”.  Yet, truly they are the most BLESSED of all brethren for they have what many don’t have, THE LORD’S PRESENCE for HE is the righteousness they hunger and thirst for.  In their most worst condition (outwardly) rather than go to The Lord crying out for mansions, fine cars, jewels and such, THEY CRY OUT FOR HIM! 

The message preached in some (and I stress the word SOME not all) of the churches today is absolutely corrupt, misleading, misguiding, twisted and misinterpreted scripture, full of greed, full of selfishness and want (NOT NEED), deceptive, and are drawing man MORE away from the beauty of KNOWING Yeshua intimately as Adonai (LORD), and keeping them MORE bound to the love of this world and the things thereof.  AND ALL who lead just one of the Lord sheep astray with their alluring and deceptive speech shall indeed be held accountable.  Very little is taught of the importance of truly KNOWING HIM intimately.   One cannot know him on a personal level simply by hearing about him through the speech of others, or reading about him in scripture.   Intimacy is developed through spending TIME with King of kings and Lord of lords.  How did you develop intimacy with your husband or wife, or intimate close friendships with fellow believers?  You took the time to get to know the one you love.  To know his/her desires, likes and dislikes JUST as they know yours.  In the case of our Lord, he knows ALL of your desires, ALL of your likes and dislikes, ALL of your wants and needs because HE knows your heart, and you don’t hesitate to announce it to him through prayer when you murmur and complain, and when you demand him to grant you all your hearts desires.  But what do you know of HIS heart, what he longs for, his likes and dislikes, and HIS desire.   You know what you read in scripture and what man has spoken concerning him, , but do you really KNOW the one you have read and heard about?   Knowing ABOUT   someone, and yet truly KNOWING someone intimately are two different things.  He’s not made himself a mystery, his heart is expose to all who would seek, but how many are truly seeking HIM?  Again, “WHAT IS YOUR HUNGER REALLY FOR?”  Gifts or the GIFTGIVER, to BE a blessing or to just be blessed…….RIGHTEOUS?? Well let us then seek THE RIGHTEOUS ONE!

I love you all so very much. Have a blessed week in the Lord and remember: Whatever we do, do ALL for the GLORY of GOD, who ALONE is worthy of the GLORY and the PRAISE!

The Lord be with you this day and always!  Shalom Uvracha (Peace and Blessings)…….. 

Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh,
Adonai Elohim Tzeva-ot
Asher Hayah Va-ho-veh VaY’vo

Holy, Holy, Holy
Lord God Almighty
Who was and is and is to come!

May the peace of the Lord be with you today and always……

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Daughter & Servant
   of the Lord God
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