Decisions for Christ

The following individuals have made decisions for Christ as a result of God's blessing on our True Peace Internet Evangelism Ministry. PTL! Please pray that the Lord will establish these new Brothers and Sisters in their new walk and in solid Bible Believing Christian fellowship.

Date Name From Type of Decision
06/25/2002 Joanne North Carolina Renewal
06/24/2002 Martha Maryland Salvation
05/24/2002 Rita Ohio Renewal
03/15/2002 Catherine Unknown Salvation
02/23/2002 Heidi New York Other
02/22/2002 Doug Ohio Renewal
02/19/2002 Lisa Oregon Salvation
01/17/2002 Jeanie Ohio Renewal
10/19/2001 Kathleen Seychelles,
Indian Ocean
10/05/2001 Joshua Nevada Renewal
09/26/2001 Elizabeth Nebraska Other
09/25/2001 Venkatesh India Salvation
07/16/2001 Dawn Scotland Salvation
07/15/2001 Phyllis Georgia Salvation
07/13/2001 Martha Alabama Salvation
07/12/2001 Jackie Unknown Salvation
06/26/2001 Lupe California Salvation
06/16/2001 Elizabeth Quebec, Canada Salvation
06/14/2001 Mae Quebec, Canada Salvation
06/11/2001 Phyllis Iowa Renewal
06/10/2001 Rob Quebec, Canada Salvation
05/30/2001 Roger Indiana Renewal
05/21/2001 Lori Oklaholma Salvation
05/09/2001 Brenda New York Renewal
05/04/2001 Melissa California Salvation
05/04/2001 David Florida Salvation
05/01/2001 Mindy West Virginia Renewal
04/18/2001 Lloyd California Salvation
04/07/2001 Carla Texas Salvation
03/26/2001 Olga New Zealand Other
03/05/2001 Aimee Ontario, Canada Renewal
03/01/2001 Angel Ohio Salvation
02/24/2001 Juli - Salvation
02/20/2001 Dean Michigan Renewal
02/13/2001 Loranda South Africa Renewal
02/12/2001 Jennifer Vermont Salvation
02/07/2001 "M" Ontario, Canada Other
01/24/2001 Kathy Tennessee Renewal
01/19/2001 Cory Wyoming Salvation
11/12/2000 Allen Alabama Salvation
11/09/2000 Edwin New Jersey Salvation
11/03/2000 Lakeisha Louisiana Salvation
10/19/2000 Maryilyn Connecticut Renewal
10/17/2000 Norma Missouri Renewal
10/17/2000 Marie Sri Lanka Renewal
10/08/2000 Nita England Renewal
09/21/2000 Linda China (PRC) Seeking
09/20/2000 Bessie Louisiana Salvation
09/20/2000 Connie Florida Renewal
09/17/2000 Matthew Texas Salvation
09/17/2000 Almario Philippines Renewal
09/03/2000 Fleur New Zealand Salvation
08/23/2000 Darryl South Carolina Renewal
08/07/2000 Florence Australia Other
08/06/2000 Teri Indiana Renewal
08/04/2000 Maggi Unknown Renewal
07/30/2000 Jacquelyn Nevada Salvation
07/25/2000 Raymond Texas (Prison) Salvation
07/23/2000 Sue England Salvation
07/18/2000 Brandi California Salvation
07/16/2000 Stephen Texas Renewal
07/05/2000 Constance France Renewal
06/28/2000 Denise Pennsylvania Salvation
06/27/2000 Bob Idaho Salvation
06/05/2000 RaDonna Louisiana Renewal
05/19/2000 Annabelle Georgia Salvation
05/07/2000 Sandy Indiana Salvation
04/26/2000 Rich Massachusetts Renewal
04/12/2000 Dale Maryland Renewal
04/01/2000 Vickie Maryland Renewal
03/17/2000 Lance & Lee Wyoming Renewal
03/17/2000 Vessa Delaware Renewal
03/17/2000 Lynda Florida Renewal
03/17/2000 Sheree Oklahoma Salvation
03/15/2000 Abraham Mexico Salvation
03/13/2000 Charles Florida Renewal
03/13/2000 George India Renewal
03/10/2000 Wanda Puerto Rico Renewal
03/08/2000 Judy Missouri Renewal
03/07/2000 Julie Vermont Salvation
02/10/2000 Olive New Zealand Salvation
02/01/2000 Agnes Malaysia Salvation
01/18/2000 Vivian Rhode Island Salvation
01/17/2000 Heather Washington (state) Renewal
01/16/2000 Alice Alabama Renewal
01/04/2000 Joe South Africa Renewal
12/27/1999 Wadih Tyre, Lebanon Salvation
12/05/1999 Donna Ohio Renewal
11/30/1999 Sharon Alabama Renewal
11/18/1999 Suzanne Arizona Salvation
11/17/1999 Tracy South Carolina Renewal
11/15/1999 Jeff Washington Renewal
11/13/1999 Christine New Mexico Salvation
11/09/1999 James - Renewal
11/02/1999 Carol Massachusetts Renewal
11/01/1999 Margie Pennsylvania Salvation
10/29/1999 Flora California Renewal
10/26/1999 Peter London, UK Salvation
10/26/1999 Kyra Virginia Salvation
10/21/1999 Mollie South Africa Renewal
10/19/1999 Linda - Salvation
10/18/1999 Juan California Salvation
10/16/1999 Maggi Pennsylvania Renewal
10/08/1999 Nicole New Mexico Salvation
10/07/1999 Heather Florida Other
10/06/1999 Coretha Florida Renewal
10/04/1999 Judy Ohio Salvation
09/30/1999 Jocelyn Massachusetts Salvation
09/25/1999 Harold W. Virginia Renewal
09/06/1999 Kathy S. Carolina Renewal
08/26/1999 Milissa Kansas Renewal
08/20/1999 Dawn Pennsylvania Renewal
08/18/1999 Grace Massachusetts Salvation
08/13/1999 Donna Tennessee Salvation
08/12/1999 Teresa Missouri Renewal
08/04/1999 Nancy Illinois Salvation
07/1999 Amy N. Carolina Salvation
07/1999 Debbie - Salvation
07/1999 Daphne - Salvation
07/1999 Ron - Salvation
07/1999 Cindy - Salvation
06/29/1999 Alyce Ohio Renewal
06/18/1999 Susheel India Salvation
06/18/1999 Gloria Texas Salvation
06/19/1999 Cheryle Nevada Renewal
06/11/1999 Jeannette Illinois Salvation
06/01/1999 Adetutu London UK Salvation

We have only been keeping records regarding decisions for Christ since June of 1999. Since our inception in 1996 there have been numerous decisions that are not listed here. Please include them in your prayers also. God knows their names. Thank you.

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