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Pastor Dick Helms is the co-founder and Sr. Pastor of ChristRing Ministries. Radically saved in 1984 and following years of service in Christian Eldership, including a season of service as a preaching elder and Bible teacher in his local church,  Dick was called of God to the pastorate in early 1999 at the age of 51. Installed as pastor of ChristRing Ministries and associate pastor of Cyber-Church.com by then Sr. Pastor James West, Dick served as pastor of ChristRing Ministries from it's founding in August 1999 and as associate pastor of Cyber-Church.com from October 1999 until Pastor Jim West's homegoing in January 2000. Following Pastor Jim's homegoing, Dick assumed the Sr. Pastorate of both ChristRing Ministries and Cyber-Church.com in accordance with Pastor Jim's wishes.

The Lord has blessed Dick with four grown children. Two sons, Kelison III and Jim (both living in Wellsville.) and two daughters, Suzi (from Onieta, NY) and Lou (from Bridgeport, NY.) They have in turn blessed him with eight wonderful grandchildren, James, Aaron, Megan, John, Joshua, Katie, Nancy and Baily.

FFor the past 20 years Pastor Dick and his wife Dottie Kay have lived in the beautiful village of Wellsville in upstate New York.  A member of  Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church (LCMS), he is currently ministering as the residential chaplain with the Wellsville Manor Care Center..

Pastor Dick loves to preach and teach, so if you'd like to have him come to your church, anywhere in the world, to preach Sunday morning or for a Saturday morning seminar on Christians and the Internet, drop him a line. No church is too small or too large and all we ask is travel expenses, good food, a place to crash at night and a love offering as you are able. Hope to hear from you.

Please pray for Pastor Dick as he seeks God's wisdom and direction regarding ChristRing Ministries and Cyber-Church.com. Pray that our focus will remain the furtherance and increase of Christ's Kingdom, to His glory alone. That the Name of Jesus be lifted up!

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