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Founded October 19, 1999

December 2007

Welcome to the Bible Web Ring,

Thank you for your interest in our web ring ministry, however we have discontinued our rings.

As some of you know, our site/rings have been under heavy attack on and off for the last couple of years and although we have managed to keep the rings intact for a while, on 9/11 this year (2007) a major attack succeeded in taking down all of our web rings. We simply do not have the resources to rebuild the ring script with the security protocols needed to keep this from happening again.

The nature of the Internet has changed and over the past couple of years the number of new submissions has decreased significantly to the point that we now receive only one or two per month. That, taken together with the increasing number of member sites that have been taken down or no longer use our links has lead to this decision to not rebuild the rings.

We here at ChristRing Ministries greatly appreciate our ministry partners and will remain on the web as a teaching and prayer ministry site for those in need. Thank you to all that have been such an important part of this ministry for the last decade, may our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ bless you and keep you all safe always.

Please keep us in prayer and we transform and as we seek God's will in His ministry.


In His (and your) Service
Pastor Dick

CHRISTRING MINISTRIES is not responsible for the content of advertising banners displayed on our Guestbook and Prayer Forum by BraveNet Web Services. As a ministry that is in the world, but not of the world, we ask that you too be understanding if that content is not consistent with our moral standards. If you do see something that interests you and is consistent with your convictions we ask that you consider patronizing that advertiser. Thank you to BraveNet for their valuable free services. 

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